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Invest In Your Future With Olivia!


Meet Olivia! Olivia has been with Whim since December. Below you will see what she has to say about her own wardrobe has changed through the years & even since starting at Whim!

I have always been on the verge of obsessed when it came to clothing. Getting most of my attire from large chains, I was constantly purchasing clothes: cheap & trendy pieces, which for the time suited me. I was young, still growing and seemed to wear out my clothes quicker every year. They pilled, stained and ripped: got borrowed, lost or never left my closet. My wardrobe grew to the point of…… I don’t even know…. That’s how big it got; I had so many clothes that not only could I not keep track of them or keep them neat but they didn’t even fit in my room anymore, and thus began my wardrobe’s take over. It spread out of my closet, onto my chair, bed even floor! And then eventually out into my guest room and many other areas of my parent’s house. Of course my mom grew more and more annoyed, not just at the mess but also with my ridiculous shopping habit. Eventually I realized this madness had to stop; I had grown increasingly more interested in fashion and finally started to understand the value and quality of designer brands. I decided that if I was going to have this many clothes and shop this much that I wanted to be investing in a wardrobe that will: A) Suite me in years to come B) Be something that I valued more C) be of higher quality. I stopped splurging and started saving.


After studying fashion for a semester abroad at the University of Westminster in London, I began to work at Whim Boutique and became meticulous about the style I wanted and the items I picked.  On my first day at Whim I instantly fell in love with Joie. I will never remember what it was like the first time I wore any brand of shirt; but I will never forget the first time I pulled a Joie silk shirt over my head. It fit more perfectly than anything I had ever worn. It was soft, comfortable, and hung off my shoulders like I was born to wear it, and there was no question; I was buying that shirt. Finally, I was purchasing clothes that would last me a lifetime (literally). And not just because they were much better quality than anything I had but also because I value my Joie clothing 100x more than I ever cared about anything I ever had from… American Eagle… so I take better care of the clothes as well. I would never loan them to anyone and they can always be found hanging in my closet, but never on the floor.



Investing in your wardrobe is something I would majorly recommend to anyone. I spend less now buying clothes 3x more expensive, which will last 20x as long. There better quality, better brands and clothes that I can really be proud of. Along with the unreal amount of benefits discussed earlier, there is also the incentive that the moto I live by supports, “If you look good you feel good.” I personally promise that you will both look and feel so good while wearing Joie clothing, that your confidence (if not your clothing) will be envied by many. I LOVE my clothes, which is something I could not say before. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my mess of a wardrobe that used to be called my room! (Don’t worry my Joie is safe in my apartment closet)

Come down into Whim and start YOUR investments!